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Final Project reminders Now, let’s go over some details about the Final project!

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Final Project reminders
Now, let’s go over some details about the Final project! We have been readying for this moment since Week 1 of our course, and you have been submitting Milestones since Week 2 of our course. The Final project serves as a culminating project that truly asks you to reflect upon the entirety of the course.
Remember your audience: The premise of the final project is that it is a proposal to be presented to the Board. So as you are writing it, remember that you are assuming you are writing to the Board. You are presenting this proposal on how you will change the toxic environment and you are trying to convince the Board to approve this proposal.
The Final Project rubric is 8 pages….yes, 8 pages for a scoring rubric!!! I know it can be overwhelming, so I urge you to print it out, carefully review it, and have it by your side as you revise and edit your Milestones into your single Final Project. For this assignment, you are required to include headings and subheadings that correspond to the 15 critical elements (listed in the left margin of the rubric) that will be scored. See the example below:
Heading: Introduction
Subheadings: Current State of the Agency
Impact Justifies the Proposal
Agency Mission
Trends in Human Service Delivery
State of the Agency
By including both Headings and subheadings you are creating a very organized narrative, and you are ensuring that you address all of the required critical elements. I also want to urge you to strive for “Exemplary” which is a step above the required components of our Milestone assignments. Earning Exemplary points means that you have included a high level analysis, and have provided rich and significant detail that exceeds the “Proficient” description. Remember, your Final project should be a single file, should include all components required in the rubric, and should be based on the “toxic work environment” premise of Milestones 1 – 3. Additionally, the Online Writing Center is a resource available to you if you need assistance.

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