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FILM REPORT Outline to help you write the paper: Paragraph 1: Identify the film,

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FILM REPORT Outline to help you write the paper: Paragraph 1: Identify the film, director, the year produced. Then give a brief summary / general description of the plot of the film, the theme and main ideas presented. You can also identify the main characters and describe their relationship to the issues if necessary. Paragraph 2: What are the emotional issues you identified in the film? Identify three if you can so perhaps love, hate, envy, jealousy, etc. How are these emotions treated in the film? How do the feeling issues get resolved by the end of the film? How are these issues described in your text? Does the film follow along with your new learning? Explain. Paragraph 3: How true to life is this film? Does it really represent hoe we work with emotions? Does the conclusion support or differ from your new knowledge? How would you end the story? Paragraph 4: Would you recommend this film to others? Yes or No and Why? REMEMBER, I am looking for a meaningful discussion not a simple review! You are applying psychology and not your opinion about the film or book!! it can be on Juno OR The Blind Side one of those two.

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