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Discussion: Considering Kimberly’s Contrasting Worlds (To be Completed After Rea

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Discussion: Considering Kimberly’s Contrasting Worlds (To be Completed After Reading Chapter 8)
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For Kimberly, the work she does at school is a refuge from the work she does at the factory.
After the dusty, physical work of the factory, the scientific world created a clear and logical paradise where I could feel safe. Just for pleasure, I had started reading library books about subjects we’d touched upon in school: amino acids, mitosis, prokaryotes, DNA forensics, karyotyping, monohybrid crosses, endothermic reactions. And mathematics was the only language I truly understood. It was pure, orderly, and predictable. It gave me great satisfaction to work on mathematical puzzles and forget about my real life at the apartment and the factory. So I might have been the only student who actually looked forward to the placement tests and enjoyed taking them. (pp. 180- 181)
Write your reaction to Kimberly’s thoughts. First summarize what she says in your own words and then talk about “the only language” that you understand and how your feelings may be similar to or different from Kimberly’s.

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