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Case Study – estimation of Fawley power station efficiency & conversion to renew

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Case Study – estimation of Fawley power station efficiency & conversion to renewable fuel source
Task 1 – Draw a schematic of the steam turbine power-plant (one of the four generating sets), indicating system states around the cycle (limit the quantity of FWH’s included in your system to one (open), or remove altogether, and assume the 3xLP turbines behave as 1xLP turbine to simplify the analysis). ie. There are two possible schematics for the steam power-plant.
Task 2 – Draw the steam cycle to scale on A4 graph paper (or) in a clear copy of an appropriate size, indicating system states and key property values around the cycle. Assume isentropic expansion and compression for turbine and pumps. Produce a table of steam property values at states around the cycle and show your working.
Calculate the steam cycle efficiency.
Task 3 – Estimate through literature review isentropic efficiency for turbines and pumps. State your sources. Plot this on a Mollier (h-s) diagram (A4 size) for the key turbine stages.
Re-calculate the steam cycle efficiency including the turbine and pump isentropic efficiencies.
Task 4 – Calculate the mass flow of steam in the cycle for rated power output, the heat input rate to the steam, and by making assumptions for boiler efficiency (determine from literature review).
Compare the mass flow rate of the following different fuels if used to fuel the boiler:
 Fuel oil
 Biomass
Discuss briefly the pro’s and con’s of the two different fuel types (engineering and environmental considerations, commenting on the European Union ‘Large Combustion Plant Directive’).

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