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Below is my professor responding to this discussion post that you answered for m

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Below is my professor responding to this discussion post that you answered for me on Sunday just looking for the best response for himEXERCISE #1: PART 1 The security management standard can be summarized as a framework of what is needed to manage the physical security measures of an organization efficiently. The outline provided will aid in ensuring the supreme protection of assets of a facility. The ASIS international (2012) the American National Standard provides guidelines for identification, application and management of physical security measures to protect organizations assets. It additionally delivers a framework for the establishment, implementation, operation, maintenance, monitoring and improvement of physical protection systems (ASIS international, 2012). Physical assets protection protects both intangible and tangible assets. At the same time, the physical security measure is summarized as the blueprint for classifying the physical security features necessary for minimizing the security risks at a facility or organization. These documents will be of great help to me in different ways when creating a vulnerability assessment. The document will not only assist me in understanding how to manage personal security measures effectively but also assist me in figuring out which security measures would provide my organization together with the assets the best protection (ASIS international, 2012).In my opinion, the five most important physical controls used for protecting corporate assets include; Barrier systems, personnel’s, security procedures and policies, intrusion detection systems, access control and physical entry. The development of security procedures and policies should include an action plan that an organization needs for safeguarding its assets by instituting protocols to sidestep, eradicate, or decrease the chances of risks developing as well as mitigate their penalties (ASIS international, 2009).For sure, Staffs or personnel’s play an essential role in the success of any security program. Hence, without appropriate personnel, the security of an organization’s assets would be under serious threat. As such, an organization needs to hire the right employees to administer this essential operation. The essence of a physical barrier system is to secure assets by procrastinating a threat and ability of the threat to access or reach the assets. Contrarily it becomes disadvantageous when the personnel are forced to evacuate the zone. Intrusion detection systems permit employees to react to an attempted unapproved entry and discover of movement within a secured zone. Physical access and entry control enables for controls and monitoring of authorized property and personnel in and out of controlled zones but deny entrance to the illegal property and personnel’s (ASIS International, 2009). ReferencesSecurity Management Standard: Physical Asset Protection. (24 February 2012). Retrieved August 27, 2020, from, Physical Security Measures Guideline. (8 June 2009). Retrieved August 27, 2020, from, 1. Overall, what you provide was reasonable. In general, Security Management Standard deals more with the management of physical security using various systems, (PAPMS, for example). The “Risk Assessment and Treatment Process Flow Diagram,” provides an overview of this process, (Security Management, 2012, p. 13). The Facilities Physical Security Measures is more of a “how to” guide to implement physical security management systems. You identified five (I think) physical controls, but didn’t explain each of them in any detail. I also didn’t see disadvantages listed for intrusion detection systems, and physical access and entry control. Since White house is a big attraction, the United States Secret Service should not only be worried about security as they consider a new design, but they as well must consider the perception of the public. This because they have a critical role of safeguarding the US president at all costs. As such, I believe their proposal of elevating the fence height is necessary for limiting intruder’s ability to climb the fence. The USSS will have to consider the design or a look that deters but should not be too aggressive in the public’s eye. For me, an 11-foot iron fence remains a better choice, because any other thing would look too aggressive and ineffective to the public’s eye and opinion. Nonetheless, I recommend for NCPC that they erect an additional fence just behind the main fence. The fence will create more delays for potential intruders by allowing security staff to get to the threat before any unauthorized entry into the White house. Besides, I feel that the fence should be lined with a spiky wire. Even if this will be against the public and will destruct tourist whenever they want to take pictures, the main precedence is the president’s security. The question here is, should the opinion of the public outweigh the president and other White House personnel safety?ReferencesSecurity Management Standard: Physical Asset Protection. (24 February 2012). Retrieved August 27, 2020, from, Physical Security Measures Guideline. (8 June 2009). Retrieved August 27, 2020, from, 2. You would erect a second fence behind the current iron one. How would it be constructed? Iron, concrete, chain link? You would also have “spiky wire” on the main fence and perhaps on the second one also? How would the National Capital Planning Commission and the public view your suggested changes to what was recommended? For security, the existing and proposed fence would have “spear and pencil points” at the top to prevent climbers going over the top, which might meet your “spiky wire” criteria. There are also intruder detection devices on the back of the fence that aren’t readily visible to the public. Recall the architects went to great pains to mention the new fence would not impact the aesthetic and visitor experience, while enhancing security, (National Capital, 2016 – Video).

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