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BBB4M Final Assignment (COVID) 2020 Six months ago, covid-19 had just begun to c

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BBB4M Final Assignment (COVID) 2020
Six months ago, covid-19 had just begun to change our lives in ways we could only have imagined at the start of 2020. The loss of life has been devastating. The impact on our lives and economy, staggering. Borders closed, global trade slowed to a crawl, many businesses have had to close their doors (some, very unfortunately, for good). As we emerge from this COVID-19 pandemic one thing is for sure – our world cannot go back to “normal”. It just isn’t working, isn’t right, and it isn’t sustainable. It is, however, encouraging to witness the response that Canada and nearly every country has had to this crisis – people everywhere have come together and risen to all the challenges and troubles that have surfaced. So now that we’ve proven just exactly what we can accomplish when change comes, let’s think about how we could change the world for the better if we apply this mindset to our ongoing global problems.
This is a crucial moment for our future – now is the time to rebuild. Our life has pivoted, it is shifting, and perhaps this whole crisis, in a way, is an unprecedented opportunity to consider hitting the reset button on so much of what we do in our societies and how we do it. Let’s face it, much of society and the global economy are based on industries and practices that are unsustainable. We are in a human and planetary crisis that needs immediate attention. We cannot respond to this crisis using the same market logistics that got us into this mess. Business (international business) can be and needs to be the solution – we need radical change. How can we revise our practices? How can we improve how we do business? How can we change how things are done for the better; how we get our energy? how we live on a day-to-day basis? how we consume? how we recycle? where and how we make our food and products? how international trade should take place? how globalization should proceed? how the world economy should operate for the better of mankind and the planet we call home?
“The real question is not whether the virus is “good” or “bad” for climate, or whether rich people will take fewer airplane flights, but whether we can create a functioning economy that supports people without threatening life on Earth, including our own.” – Meehan Crist
Considerations: Some important concepts we have discussed in this course that you can think about and relate to – research some of the new roles these topics may now play:
globalization & free trade – and their impacts on people, resources, and the environment (unit1)
degrowth (rethinking GDP) & wellbeing economy (unit1)
the 100km diet and the issues with our unsustainable global food industries and systems (unit1)
outsourcing and its rules, rationalization (unit2)
how world organizations work and help (unit2)
the role of big corps and big countries (unit3)
Canadian corps (unit3) and supporting local economies
Corporate Social responsibility & Consumer Social Responsibility (unit3)
“But the truth is that right now, much of the global economy is based on industries and practices that are unsustainable. The transition to cleaner, safer, healthier, and more sustainable ways of living will require massive changes in employment and lifestyle for billions of people. If new innovation emerges that can solve problems and improve the living conditions on our planet, then shouldn’t it be one measure of a healthy society that we find a way to incorporate it…?” -Ocean Robbins
The Assignment Format: you need 3 main idea/visions (international business solutions).
You will complete parts A, B, & C for each idea (and don’t miss the bonus question!)
Assignment Format
Idea/Vision #1
What, Why, How
Article(s) to support, with source
Thought-provoking question
Idea/Vision #2
What, Why, How
Article(s) to support, with source
Thought-provoking question
Idea/Vision #3
What, Why, How
Article(s) to support, with source
Thought-provoking question
There is an ever-valid African proverb that says:
“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”
So…how will you be part of these solutions that you have come up with? Be specific. Be a part of the solution!
State your main idea(s)/thought(s)/vision(s) about how you think international business, society, economies, lifestyles, logistics, and the global market (as discussed above) should change and proceed for the sustainability and health of both people and the planet. For each idea you must explain what specifically needs to be done, why you think this needs to happen, as well as how it could be facilitated (try to use / tie in terms, content, and concepts from the course).
Find a minimum of one article that supports each idea and/or discusses the issue (3 articles total, one for each idea). For each article provide a brief summary, as well as your thoughts & justifications. Don’t forget to include your sources using MLA format! Remember that international business is the key approach here.
Pose a thoughtful question pertaining to your topic/idea/thought/vision.
Potential Topics: you may read about and choose one of these intriguing topics if you’d like (but you must find additional supporting articles if you do):
the need for supporting local, as exclusively as possible, to help our home economy bounce back (
the power imbalance, inequality of income and power (
Coronavirus response proves the world can act on climate crisis (and needs to) (,
Having Strong Leadership: our post-coronavirus world will be built on what we say and do now ( /
Creating a Circular Economy as we reset and restart ( / / / / )
Shifting to a world-wide Wellbeing Economy (
The problems with our unsustainable global food industries and systems, and multinational agribusiness firms*

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