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Assignment Question(s): Question 1:Workers should be given more control over the

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Assignment Question(s): Question 1:Workers should be given more control over the inspection for their own work. Discuss the pros and cons of this situation? Question 2:What are the advantages of Exponential smoothing over the Moving average and the Weighted moving average?
Explain the aggregate planning strategy?
Question 3:Sequence the jobs shown below by using a Gantt chart. Sequence the jobs in priority order 1, 2, 3, 4.Job Work Center/Machine Hours Due Date (days)1A/3, B/2, C/2 32C/2, A/4 23B/6, A/1, C/344C/4, A/1, B/23Using finite capacity scheduling, draw a Gantt chart for the schedule
What is the makespan?
How much machine idle time is there?
How much idle time (waiting time) is there for each job?
When is each job delivered?
Which department is the bottleneck?
Calculate the machine utilization?
sec Q the file for this QsPlease read the case “Employees Make A Difference at Amy’s Ice Creams” HR IN SMALL BUSINESS at the end of Chapter 16, Strategically Managing the HRM Functions available in your textbook Human Resource Management: Gaining A Competitive Advantage-Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright,11e., and answer the following questions:Assignment Question(s): 1.Which elements of a customer-oriented HRM perspective does Amy’s Ice Creams seem to have? (See Figure 16.2.)2.Suppose Amy’s hired you as a consultant to evaluate whether the company has an effective HRM function. Which outcomes would you look for? How would you measure them?3.Generally, a small ice cream shop such as Amy’s cannot afford to pay store workers very high wages. How well do you think the company can achieve high employee satisfaction without high pay? What can it do to foster satisfaction besides the efforts described here? How could e-HRM support these efforts?

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