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Assignment 4: Proposal Argument Topic: Immigration policies Goal: Write an essa

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Assignment 4: Proposal Argument
Immigration policies
Goal: Write an essay in which you make a compelling case for change by identifying a specific problem and putting forth a detailed solution. Proposal:
Your essay is a proposal for change; your goal is to motivate your readers to act. So you must present your readers with a specific problem. (What is the issue, exactly? What must be changed?) You must also present a detailed solution. (How will your solution meet the need for change? Why is it better than the status quo?) To this end, to be effective, your proposal must be workable (can it be done?), feasible (can it be enacted?), and ethical (is it right?). Objections:
You must raise and address at least one reasonable objection to your proposal. (Why is your solution better than the status quo, let alone other possible solutions? How will you address the potential ill-effects to your ideas?) Raise a strong objection, characterize it fairly, and be sure to answer it, perhaps with a concession. A strong proposal will anticipate readers’ objections and answer them.
good argument entails the use of rhetorical appeals like ethos, pathos, and logos. To this end, in your essay, you must deliberately use one (1) rhetorical appeal– mainly, logos, ethos, pathos, or kairos–assigned randomly as a “wildcard.” (You can change your wildcard once, if you’d like.) As you write and revise your essay, be mindful of your appeal. 5 credible sources are required. MLA format

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