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Article Review 1. Select a social media post related to holistic health, then do

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Article Review 1. Select a social media post related to holistic health, then download and discuss THREE (3) SCHOLARLY articles pertaining to the social media post selected. 2. Summarize the articles, creating an outline of important characteristics of each: a. What is the study design and where does it fit into the hierarchy of evidence? b. Are the methods used an effective and reliable means for arriving at the results described? c. Discuss any potential sources of bias observed or what the study did to reduce bias. d. Do all the articles agree completely or present opposing views? 3. Write a one-two page summary of the results of the articles read and how it shapes your future practice. a. The submission should be 12-point, double spaced b. Please include citations to the articles for my review d. The submission should be saved as LastName_FirstName.docx (or .PDF) and must be saved as Word or PDF to ensure compatibility Chiropractic Profession. Need the topic (social media idea) by today. Paper by this Sunday. Easy paper just do not have time being in graduate school, so I’m going for the lowest price and fastest paper because I will have to make edits, relating this to my future chiropractic practice. Text or call 941-914-2119 with any topics or questions.

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