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article attached Cultural Differences wit

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article attached
Cultural Differences within Families
Assumptions in families often go unstated and unchallenged but knowing where we “come from” mentally and emotionally is a key part of connecting meaningfully with the world around us.  Getting outside of our own understanding, or at least being aware of what our assumptions are, can help us take important steps to connect with others and grow as individuals.
This week’s supplemental reading highlighted six different ways culture shapes our reactions.  They were:
Different communication styles
Different attitudes towards conflict
Different approaches to completing tasks
Different decision making styles
Different attitudes towards disclosure
Different approaches to knowing
please write a paragraph response for each of the following sets of questions. 
Considering your own family, choose one of the six cultural differences above.  Tell us a little about your family “norms” in this area.  If you can, use an example to illustrate this family norm.  What are one or two of the underlying assumptions in your family in regards to this norm?  What are one or two positives of approaching the world with this norm?  What, if any, could be the drawbacks of approaching the world with this set of assumptions?
Now imagine you are from a family that approaches this point of difference with an alternative understanding.  What would/could be the family ‘norm’?  What could one or two of the underlying assumptions involved?  What would be a positive outcome of adopting this understanding within your own family or working on a project with someone who had this alternative understanding?

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