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Answer all questions. Show all work. Ask instructor for any clarification. 1.  W

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Answer all questions. Show all work. Ask instructor for any clarification.
1.  What is probability?  (2 pts)
2. The Porter family’s probability of winning first prize at a raffle is 3117. What is the probability that they will lose? Explain your answer.  (4 pts)
3.      Assignment 3 Questions 3 & 4
Use the image from the link to answer  questions 3 and 4:
3a. What is  the sample space for the color game wheel?  (3 pts)
3b. What is  the sample space of the cubic die?  (3 pts)
3c. Are the sample spaces for each object fair or unfair? Explain  (4 pts)
4a. What the probability of getting yellow on the game wheel?  Explain  (3 pts)                   
4b. What is the probability of getting blue on the wheel?  Explain  (3 pts)                                   
4c. What is the probability of not getting blue nor yellow?  Explain  (4 pts)
4d.  If the game wheel is spun 20 times, how many times should we expect it to land on the blue space? Explain (5 pts)
5. Brian walks into his class and is surprised to see them testing. The test has 5 questions and each question has 4 choices. Brian will take a wild quess on each question.
5b. Explain Brian’s chances of getting  all questions right.  (3 pts)
5c. He needs to get at least 3 correct to pass the test. Carefully explain Brian’s chances of passing.  (6 pts) 
6. Assignment 3  Number 6
Use the image from the link above to answer the questions that follow:
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