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After you watch the TED talk, construct a narrative that demonstrates your refle

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After you watch the TED talk, construct a narrative that demonstrates your reflection on the following questions: (link for the video of TED: )
1) What is the speaker’s message about “Gray Areas” and what does he mean? Use an example to demonstrate your understanding.
2) Are there behaviors other than those discussed in the video that you think are normal behaviors, but psychology/psychiatry label them as disordered? It’s ok if you cannot think of an example, but I’d like you to try. If you can’t think of one, say so, but I won’t count that against you for this assignment. Try to think about social behaviors or hygiene behaviors, that might help you get started.
3) “Tony” felt very strongly against Psychiatry and its definitions of mental disorders. To what extent does “Tony” have a point when it comes to how psychiatry labels behavior as a mental disorder? Explain your answer.
4) Think about when the speaker was describing the interaction he had with Tony right after Tony’s release from Broadmoor. What is your reaction to the words “Tony” spoke to the speaker about all people and psychopathy? “We are all…” – Watch the video to finish the sentence. Explain how do you interpret those words and discuss whether there is any truth to those words?

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