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2500-3500 Words—MLA/APA/Chicago Rule citation Research project—Step 1: identify

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2500-3500 Words—MLA/APA/Chicago Rule citation Research project—Step 1: identify a topic and research it, submit an annotated bibliography with at least three sources and notes on the importance of the sources (how you’ll use them, for example—see the previous assignment) by the deadline; Step 2: create a clear and concise thesis statement that can be appropriately proven in about 2500 words (not too broad of an argument and not too simple); Step 3: write your paper, a minimum of 2500 words, and submit by the deadline. These topics are posed as questions. Answer the question and you will have a pretty good start to your thesis statement. You may feel free to develop your own thesis on your own topic. Dangerous Liaisons: What does the sexual manipulation in Dangerous Liaisons say about the Enlightenment? Dangerous Liaisons: How does the story, given the concept of instrumental reasoning (people are to be used for labor, exploitation, etc) during the Enlightenment, express the instrumentalization of sex and sexuality and for what purpose? Death in Venice: The fear of the modern industrial world, cold machinations of capitalism, alienation from society, all have a hand in Mann’s masterpiece. How might they relate to the concept of sexuality? In order to complete the bibliography, you need to have an idea about what you wish to research and write about for the research essay, so look at the topics for that assignment or discuss a possible topic with me. You can find more on writing annotated bibliographies by clicking this link. (Links to an external site.) Once you have a topic area, then you need to go to the library or to the library databases and begin your research (I recommend JSTOR–but make sure you log into JSTOR through the library website). You will read at least three secondary sources and record the bibliographic information for each. You will then need to write a note for each of the sources that describes: 1) the argument of the article or book; 2) how you wish to use this research to support your own argument.

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